Xerogrid to offer Outback installer training:

Outback 15 years
As demand increases for Outback Powers  New VFXRE and Radian Series Inverter charger systems , their UK service partner Xerogrid will be offering free of charge installer training in the UK  this Autumn.
Outback inverters have 7 different programmable operation modes : Covering all power requirement situations:  with or without a connection to a reliable or unreliable electricity grid.
We are building a fully supported UK installer network with market leading technical support. Outback Power products are this technologies  most adaptable, future proof and complete power supply systems.
Our mantra is no nonsense  technical excellence with that deliverers  the goods in all applications.
We specialize in  Outback Power Products
Ian Emberton,
CEO Xerogrid
Would you like to be a Xerogrid supported installer of Outback Power products and attend our training days?
Please contact us for more information!